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Information in these corona times

Despite these troubled times, sooner or later there will be a normalised situation, and we receive new bookings daily. Some who have a trip booked in the spring want to change to a later date, and we are happy to do all we can to help you with that.

Here is an overview of what applies.

New bookings received from 2020-03-13

For those of you who see the light in the tunnel and want to book a trip, we offer the following:

  • Open purchase up to 30 days before departure for new bookings received until April 14 with departure in 2020. Open purchase means that you will receive all your money back upon cancellation.
  • In addition, for new bookings received up to 14 April, we give SEK 30 EUR discount.

Existing bookings received before 2020-03-13

- Group trips (with Swedish teacher)

  • Due to the authorities current advise againts trips to all countries, our group trips until April 14 will be cancelled.
  • For existing group travel bookings with departure later than April 14, normal cancellation terms and conditions apply.

- Individual trips (with international teachers)

  • When the authorities advise against travel, you are entitled to free cancellation from 14 days before departure, but not before, as the authorities advice may change before that.
  • For other bookings, normal cancellation terms and conditions apply and can be found on our website.
  • If you are worried, we will of course help you at no cost to change dates of your trip if possible.


Refunds on cancellation or cancelled trips will be made as soon as possible taking into account the ongoing discussion between the travel industry and the authorities about who will be responsible for the refund in this unique corona situation.

We hope, of course, that the corona problems ebb out as soon as possible and that all our clients will be able to continue to enjoy our great retreats and holidays.

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