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We recommend Skyscanner to find airline tickets all over the world to great prices.


Car hire

A wellknown car hire company that offers high quality services and great rental conditions.

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Would you like our help?

Give us a call on +46 8 503 80675 and we will be happy to help you book your flight or rental car. 

To be able to book for you we will have to ask you for your credit card details, and your credit card will then be charged directly by the airline or car hire company which will also send you the booking confirmation.

If you want us to help you to book you will be charged a service fee of 30 EUR/person.

Cancellations and changes

Please note that if you have to cancel a booking the airline carriers or car hire company cancellation policies will apply.
If you want us to make any changes in your flight or rental car booking we will charge a service fee of 30 EUR.

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