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About us

InShape Travel is a Swedish family owned travel agency offering yoga- and wellness trips around the world. 

You can choose between holidays fully focused on yoga, and yoga holidays where it is more of a "spice". Or do you prefer a wellness holiday focused on exercise and well being which will make you feel better?

Between the classes and other scheduled activities you can enjoy sun, nature and other activities on many of the trips. Young or old, trained or untrained, experienced or beginner, single or a group, everyone who cares about their body and mind can travel with us!

The people behind InShape Travel have a lot of travel agency experience. Some of us practice yoga ourselves and workout and exercise regularly, we also have a large network of like-minded people. It makes us understand the conditions that our clients have on us and that we can describe the destinations in a good and realistic way. We take a lot of care to offer trips where the yoga and other activities holds a high standard. 

There are other travel agencies that offer one or more yoga trips in their program but most often this means accommodation at a “regular” charter hotel and a short yoga class in the morning. Our yoga trips are more focused on yoga, and most often you stay at a small personal yoga retreat with more or less yogic atmosphere.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can either call or send us an email. 






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