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Integrity and privacy

Integrity and privacy

When you book a tour with us, you agree that the information you have supplied can be forwarded to the destination and kept by horseXplore for use in simplifying future bookings and for the distribution of travel materials and information.

When we process your personal data for use for marketing purposes, we will analyze and profile you based on your interests and behaviour, in order to make our marketing and communications as relevant as possible to you.

Your email address may be used by us to send you offers from horseXplore. Supplying your email address does not mean that you will be sent offers by a third-party.

To ensue you privacy and security, all information is handled with care and respect and in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation GDPR. If you do not want to receive information from us in the future via email, you can de-register by contacting us.

Read more about our Data Protection Policy >>

Security with card payment

All card information is sent by a high-level encrypted connection (SSL). Card details are checked in real time and if the purchase is approved, the amount is registered on the customer’s card. The transaction takes place shortly thereafter. No card details are saved on our server. They are sent directly to our PCI certified payment provider, Paynova, which checks the information.

3D Secure is a trustworthy way to securely validate customers with card providers when purchasing in the Internet. The customer activates their card via their Internet bank. 3D Secure is a collective term and ‘Verified by VISA’ and ‘MasterCard Secure Code’ are specific applications by the different card payment providers. ‘Verified by VISA’ is Visa’s 3D Secure product for the secure identification of card customers when purchasing over the Internet. Banks that offer this service to their customers can securely identify and verify the card owner’s identity. ‘MasterCard Secure Code’ is MasterCard’s equivalent to ‘Verified by VISA’. Swedish banks do not utilize the benefits of 3D Secure.

SSL Secure (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that creates an encrypted channel between a webserver and a web browser. Encryption ensures that all information and data that passes between the webserver and the web browser remain private and secure from third parties. SSL is an industrial standard that is used on millions of websites to protect online transactions and sensitive personal information that a web user can be expected to enter into their web browser.

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