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- I'm an experienced yogi, but my friend has only tried it a few times.
We have destinations which suits couples or groups with different experience levels. Contact us and we will help you choose. 

- Can I travel on my own, none of my friends are interested in yoga? 
Many of our clients travel alone. A yoga trip is a perfect way to meet others with the same interest. Many people find new friends on their yoga trip that they continue to have contact with even when they arrive home. On our web page you can search for a friend to travel with under the headline " Travel Buddy". 

- I have no yoga experience, can I travel anyway?
Most of our trips suit both experienced yogis and people with less experience. We also have courses for beginners. Contact us and we can give you advice on what might suit you. 

- How do I know that the yoga teachers are well educated?
We make sure that the yoga centers and teachers hold the quality that we wish through personal visits. We do not want to represent a yoga center that we ourselves do not want to travel to. We also get continuous feedback from our clients through our feedback forms and phone contact. However it is up to you to decide which type of yoga you are interested in so you end up in the right place.

- Is there availability on the trip that I want to go on?
Since most of our destinations have travellers from many countries it is often hard for us to immediately know the current booking status. When you have told us a destination and a date we normally have an answer within 24 hours, but sometimes it takes longer and sometimes it takes shorter time. If there is no availability we will contact you, if the booking is confirmed you will get a confirmation e-mail. 

- How do I get from the airport to the venue and how much does it cost? 
You will find transfer information in the enclosed information you receive after you have booked a trip. At some destinations it is possible to be picked up at the airport. Sometimes the cost for transfer is included in the trip, and sometimes it is paid when you arrive. For the transfer to work smoothly we need information about your arrival time when you have booked your flight. 

- How early do I have to book my trip?
Some of our destinations fill up early and some you can book almost to the day of departure. In general you should book your trip early if there is only one specific week that you can travel. 

- Can I share a room with someone so that I do not have to pay extra for a single room?
If you travel alone we charge a single room fee at most destinations. If you find someone to share a room with at the destination, that is normally OK. That will be handled there in that case. If we get the information about this we will refund the single room supplement that you have paid. 

- Are there yoga mats available for me to borrow?
At most of our destinations there are yoga mats available to borrow, information about this enclosed in the information package that you receive after booking. Many participants do however prefer to bring their own. 

- Can I cancel my trip?
Of course you can cancel your trip. The cancellation fee depends on how close to departure you cancel. You can read more about this on the page about Cancellation Insurance.

- Where can I give you feedback about my trip?
It is important to us to receive your opinions after you have returned home. It helps us to improve our trips and gives us feedback about the destination and how they fulfill our conditions. We will send you a link to our feedback form after your trip.

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