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Climate offset your flight

Approximately 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions come from aviation.

Through new technology, fossil-free fuels and more efficient air traffic, the aviation industry tries to reduce the climate impact of aviation, but it is slow.

Carbon offsetting your air travel is a good way of taking responsiblity for the emissions caused by it.

You choose to climate offset as an option when you book your trip here on our website.

Our partner GoClimateNeutral

We cooperate with Swedish GoClimateNeutral so that our customers can easily compensate for their air travel. Even if you book the flight yourself, you can make your climate compensation with us. GoClimateNeutral has 100% transparent accounting so you be certain how your money is spent.

To make the climate compensation uncomplicated, GoClimateNeutral has made standard calculations for some different models of average flights. The simplicity means that more people offset their emission, which is more important than an in detail accurately calculated CO2 emissions per trip which, moreover, rarely becomes as accurate as it can seem.

These templates have been calculated:

  • Return flight within the same continent, corresponding to 2 tons of CO2
  • Return flight to another continent, corresponding to 4 tons of CO2

The project

100% of the amount for your carbon offset is passed on to GoClimateNeutral and to a project that we selected together with them. The money finances a project in the Chinese countryside where old coal-fired cookers are replaced by solar powered cookers. The project has high efficiency in terms of invested money versus reduction of CO2 emissions and is an UN-certified climate project (CDM) that has the Gold Standard certification. When you choose UN-certified Gold Standard projects you have all the members of the UN and 80 different environment NGOs behind you - among them WWF. 

The climate project is presented here >>

For more information about GoClimateNeutral see their website >> 

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