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Mantani Island Borneo
Mantani Island Borneo
Mantani Island Borneo

This is a fantastic venue situated on the northern part of Borneo. Embraced by the rainforest and infused with a calm and peacefulness that deeply effects your mind, this is a great place for yoga and meditation practice. 

Detox and Rejuvenation

Yoga, meditation, healthy food, detox and fun tours fills you with energy and joy and you find a deep and lasting wellbeing. We offer a trip that is designed for your total wellbeing, a wholesome experience of balance, peace of mind and deep relaxation. The effect will last you much longer than to the end of your trip.

Service and Culture

The program includes yoga sessions, meditation, detox, workshops, tours, healthy meals and wonderful leisure time with a book or a walk. An important part of the program is service. Service is a part of yoga. We have therefore taken up two service projects which by your participation you help to support. All of this is combined with exciting and informative tours to get to know the culture and the country that we are visiting.

This yoga holiday is an Ananda Marga Service Project started in 2010. It’s aim is to show people the benefits of daily yoga, meditation practice and healthy food as they experience it on a deeper level for themselves during their yoga holiday. This trip also aims to support women and children in need. 

The trip includes:

  • Accommodation in double bed room (single room available to an extra cost)
  • Vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks
  • Some of the tours
  • Yoga and meditation classes every morning and evening
  • Personal meditation guidance
  • Workshops on yoga, meditation and health
  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Traditional massage

Stay Another Week

For those that think it is very far to go all the way to Borneo and just stay one week, there is an opportunity to stay one week extra. In that week there are no workshops or yoga sessions, this is just your own time.

Accommodation & meals

Accommodation & meals

Nuluhon Garden Retreat Center is a fantastic place situated on the northern part of Borneo. Embraced by the rainforest and infused with a calm and peacefulness that deeply effects your mind, Nuluhon is the perfect place for yoga and meditation practice. Nuluhon is run by Shone and his wife Kathie along with Shones parents and family, helping out when needed.

If you take the little winding path behind the house, and follow the path for a few minutes, you end up at a some very natural looking pools and a small waterfall that melts into the nature. Thats a perfect place to go for a dip when the day gets too hot.

At Nuluhon you also share your time with a couple of cats and three roosters along with their hens. Big beautiful butterflies fly by when we do yoga at Nuluhon.

The rooms are of basic standard and either four beds, double beds or single rooms. A few of the rooms are built in traditional Malaysian style. Nuluhon is on top of a hill, so as we do yoga, we look out over a valley of rainforest and it feels like you are in a big tree house. Day and night you hear the sounds from the many birds and insects.

There are a few single rooms at no extra cost, but they have a lower standard and no private bathroom.


As much as the location allows, we try to use locally produced and organic food. The diet is a vegetarian yogic diet, or also sometimes called a sattvic diet. We combine this with a lighter version of a detox diet. All gluten, milk products (except fresh yoghurt), sugar and white rice is omitted.

We eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, brown rice, nuts and seeds. We are striving to give you a wonderful taste experience at each meal.



Waterfall in the middle of the rainforest (included)

One of the tours goes to a waterfall, where you can swim and enjoy the cool rocks in the rainforest. You can take a leisurely walk and enjoy the big beautiful butterflies that fly around between the flowers and trees.

Traditional Cultural Village (included) 

At Mari Mari Cultural Village, we will be introduced to the aboriginal culture of Sabah, Borneo and the different original tribes. We get to see performances with traditional dance, and you will even get a chance to participate in it!  The cultural village is situated half an hour from Kota Kinabalu City and only five minutes from where we live. A river to cool down in runs by close to the cultural village and the cultural village is located just at the beginning of the rainforest. Read more about Mari Mari Cultural Village here.

Traditional Borneo Massage on spa (included)

One of the afternoons in the beginning of the week, we will go to Kota Kinabalu city and visit the South Sea Sanctuary Spa. We get treated with a traditional Borneo massage that takes around an hour. It is a wonderful massage that works deep into your tissues and help you relax to the core. You can read more about the spa here.

Full day tour to Mount Kinabalu (not included)

We go on a whole day tour visit to Mount Kinabalu. Together with us, from the start of our tour, we have a guide that tells us about Sabah, Kinabalu mountain, the history and culture of Borneo and also about the biology of Borneo.

In the morning we visit the mountain, a museum and take a walk in a botanical garden. We get a vegetarian lunch and in the afternoon we visit Poring Springs, warm springs where you can take a bath and enjoy. Here is also a chance to walk in the canopy walkway which is a walkway that is going between the treetops around 3o meters up in the air. There is also a chance to see a Raflesia, the worlds biggest flower that can be up to one meter in diameter.

Included in this trip to Mout Kinabalu: Transport (2 hours back and forth), guide, lunch, entrance to museum and botanical garden, bath in warm springs, entrance to Poring Springs, walk in the Canopy walkway.

Yoga, meditation & detox

Daily Yoga Sessions

Every day you participate in a 90 to 120 minute yoga session both morning and evening. The yoga sessions include movements (asanas), yoga dance, self massage, meditation and guided deep relaxation. Read more about which kind of yoga that is being practiced on Joyful Journeys trips here.

The yoga we practice is called Rajadhiraja yoga and is based in Patanjalis system of Ashtaunga Yoga.

Ashtaunga yoga means eight limbs of yoga and includes ethical guidelines (yama and niyama), physical postures (asanas),  withdrawal techniques of the mind, concentration practices, breath exercises, dhyan (deep meditation) and also a practice of complete enlightenment.

The poses are similar to those that are practiced in Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Iyengar yoga and other styles of yoga. The difference in Rajadhiraja yoga asanas is that the poses are repeated several times, usually for four or eight times and that you hold your breath for about eight seconds in each pose.

This makes the asana work deep on nerves and glands and leads to a release of energy which makes you feel relaxed, calm and at the same time filled with lots of energy after a yoga session. It also creates an effect that stays with you, long after the yoga session is over. In Rajadhiraja yoga asanas the practice is calm and contemplative and gives you more energy and increased consciousness.

Every session is always concluded with a self massage which work to help the lymphatic flow in our bodies. During asana practice our sebaceous glands produce a fine secretion, this is very beneficial to gently rub back into the skin. It is also just a beautiful thing to get in touch with every part of your body after a session.


During the week you will be gradually introduced to meditation practice. If you are already an experienced meditator, there will be time for your own practices as well. We also offer personal meditation guidance by experienced meditation teachers.   To practice meditation leads to a state of calmness, peacefulness and well being. But most of all it is a journey towards our own deepest self and the infinite aspect of ourself that we can find hidden deep within our innermost self.


During the week there will be a few workshops to give you a deeper understanding in yoga, meditation, yogic diet, detox and healthy eating. In the yoga workshop we look at the history of yoga, what does yoga really mean and what are its foundations. You get a deeper understanding of your mind and the goal of meditation in the meditation workshop.

You come to understand how your mind works and how you can use it in your meditation practice. Through the workshop on yogic diet and detox you get a chance on reflecting on your diet and get some tips for healthy eating for both body and mind.

Qi Circle

We arise around 6.30 am to utilize the fresh and rejuvenating morning energy. The day starts with the qi circle. This is a cleansing and detox procedure for the whole body. We sing and move to the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra, do some breathing exercises and then do a simple flush of our system with warm lemon water.

Your teacher

Didi Ananda Samprajina (Didi) is a yogic nun of the Ananda Marga Social and Spiritual Service Mission. Didi has been teaching yoga and meditation in Taiwan, Sweden, Russia, California, Malta and Malaysia during the last thirteen years.

In year 2000 she dedicated her life to become a yogic nun and meditation teacher according to Ananda Marga and P.R. Sarkars teachings. Those teachings have two main principles, service to others and self realization. She underwent an intensive spiritual training for four years during which she was isolated from the world and practiced hours of meditation and yoga everyday. In 2003-2004 she was running Yoga House in the old city of Stockholm, Sweden.

She is a certified Ananda Marga Yoga and Yoga Alliance teacher. Didi has also undergone a training in MediYoga, at the Institute for MediYoga in Stockholm, Sweden. Didi is a certified Enneagram coach. The Enneagram is a model for human development and a tool for developing more understanding for others and oneself.

Before Didi chose to dedicate her life to become a yogic nun, she underwent training in theater, movements, acrobatics and clown in Denmark and California. This is now a foundation in all her teachings and makes her workshops fun and interesting.


You fly to Kota Kinabalu which is situated on Borneo’s northern part, Sabah. You will be picked up at the airport by a driver with a sign with your name. Transfer from airport to Nuluhon Garden Retreat Center is included in the price and takes around 30 min.

You can book your own flight, or we are happy to help you. 

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