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Spain – Wellbeing Retreat near Marbella

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This Spa Hotel and Yoga Retreat with the luxury of a boutique hotel is nestled in the midst of nature surrounded by the Sierra de las Nieves Nature Park and Biosphere Reserve in Spain. The Retreat brings together elements of Balinese architecture and Oriental gardens, creating a slice of eastern style within easy travelling time from Europe’s major cities. 

Relax from the moment you arrive

A warm, personal and caring check in will make you feel straight at home. The lobby is an informal space complete with library and comfortable Balinese sofas and armchairs, looking out through the ceiling to floor windows to the panoramic view of the surrounding pine forests and mountains offering a unique perspective of Andalucia. It’s the perfect place for guests to relax and enjoy a healthy juice or herbal tea.

Courtyard, terraces and outdoor pool

From the moment you arrive the retreat provides ample space to either relax in the rooms, courtyard or terraces, or to simply soak up the sun by the outdoor pool. There is a sense of peace and serenity accompanied by the sound of water of the waterfalls and fountains of the retreat’s Oriental gardens and surroundings.
Come and experience it for yourself.

Choose your program

The base price refers to the yoga program. The other programs involve an additional cost of about 300-600 EUR and are chosen as an option when you click on Book on request and then Continue, there you will also find the rates for the programs. You must select one of the programs:
- Yoga
- Detox
- Weight Loss
- Fitness High Intensity
- Pilates
- Relaxation

Learn more below about the content of each program.

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Detox Retreat

Detox Retreat

This Life Changing Detox Retreat is an inspiring, enjoyable and effective way to kick start a healthier way of life. A comprehensive detox gives your body a chance to rebalance. It can mean losing the weight that you have struggled with for years, kick-starting a healthy lifestyle or improving long-standing chronic health problems. The detox programme is based on a juice diet with extra nutritional support through supplements and light vegetable broths. Many clients travel far and wide to experience this detox method.

Long term care and advice

We understand that the most difficult part of any retreat is translating what you’ve learned with real life back home. At the end of the retreat you will reieve a Post detox guide and the staff is happy to answer any questions you may have when you are back home.

The Detox Retreat at a glance:

• 5 nights’ accommodation
• Welcome drink on arrival
• Pre & post detox guide
• Welcome healthy pre-detox dinner
• 4 days of delicious, fresh, cleansing juices and broths
• Light Breakfast & Lunch on departure
• 4 Yoga Classes in group
• 3 Meditation classes in group
• 2 Nutritional consultations in group (30 min. each)
• 2 Detox footbaths (30 min. each)
• 1 Body Scrub 30 min.
• 1 X 60 Minutes Spa Treatment
• 1 Health Check
• 4 Self-administered colonics (optionally)
• Detox welcome pack

Weight Loss Retreat

Weight Loss Retreat

Developed by nutrition experts, this Life Changing Weight Loss Retreat is based on a spa cuisine menu that is matched to your metabolism to optimize healthy weight loss. What is more, using fresh ingredients and the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and essential fats, our weight loss menus offer a more natural approach that works with your body, not against it. This means that cravings for unhealthy sugars and fats naturally subside and stubborn weight can finally shift.

The right amount of exercise

Unlike the feeling of being “starved” by calorie-counted yet nutritionally-deficient weight loss programmes, you will feel energised and nourished. Which is just as well, as  you have the added benefit of just the right amount of exercise with hikes, two of them guided, and five inclusive sessions (can be in group) with a personal trainer to leave you feeling inspired, motivated and fitter!

A more personal service

Depending on your body statistics, lifestyle and age, what you need to eat to lose weight differs. This is true not just in the short term but in the long term too. That is why our programme is personalised from the very start.
We understand that the most difficult part of a retreat is translating what you’ve learned with real life back home. At the end of the retreat, you’ll benefit from a personalised diet program and a supportive fitness program if you request it.

The retreat at a glance:

Before you arrive:

A health questionnaire will be e-mailed to you which we kindly ask you to send back to us duly filled out in order to prepare your menus and program according to your needs

The Weight Loss Retreat:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Welcome healthy weight loss dinner on day of arrival
  • 3 Healthy Shanti-Som Weight Loss Meals per day (full board)
  • Healthy Breakfast and Lunch on day of departure
  • 4 Yoga Classes in group
  • 1 Meditation group class
  • 1 Hike in group
  • 4 Training classes (these maybe shared with other guests on same programme)
  • 1 Nutri – Coach consultation (30 min)
  • 1 Sport Consultation (30 min)
  • 1 X 60 Minutes Spa Treatment
  • 1 Health Check
  • 1 Personalised Health Plan
  • Complimentary use of sauna, swimming pool and gym suite
  • Use of Wi-Fi in the public areas

Fitness High Intensity Retreat

Fitness High Intensity Retreat

This Fitness Retreat is the go-to wellness programme if you want to kick-start, maintain or challenge an established fitness routine, lose weight or rehabilitate an injury.

This health and fitness holiday is designed to be stimulating with plenty of activities for you to try. The cuisine offers a healthy diet that is packed with wholesome foods that slowly release energy throughout the day. The program allows you to work on your personal goals with a fitness trainer as well as a variety of different group sessions, ranging from guided mountain hikes to group Yoga and Pilates.

The daily group hikes is a key feature of the location as Andalusia meets all the requirements and offers the best conditions for hiking. The fantastic climate and stunning natural spaces that host splendidly preserved areas and the greatest diversity of landscapes and ecosystems in Europe together create the best conditions for enjoying nature whilst also working on our fitness.

Learn how to have a healthier lifestyle through exercise and a proper diet. This Health Retreat is perfect for a fitness break, as it kick-starts your fitness routine, so you can continue your hard work after your holiday.

The most important goal to achive is being able to get you “back on track” into a healthy life style when you return home, maintaining and practicing all you have learned.

The Fitness High Intensity Retreat at a glance:

• 5 nights’ accommodation
• Welcome drink on arrival
• Healthy dinner menu on day of arrival
• 3 Healthy Shanti-Som Meals per day (full board)
• Healthy Breakfast on day of departure
• 4 Yoga Classes in group
• 4 Meditation classes in group
• 2 Hikes in group 
• 4 Training classes (these may be shared with other guests on same programme)
• 1 Sport consultation (30 min.)
• 2 Pilates sessions (these may be shared with other guests on same programme)
• 1 x 60 minutes Deep Tissue Massage
• 1 Health Check
• Daily Snack

Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat

This is one of the best locations in Spain for your yoga retreat holiday. Surrounded by natural beauty in the mountains above Marbella, yet just a short drive to the coast, there is no better place for a yoga holiday. The programme involves daily yoga classes in either the indoor studio or outdoor yoga pavilion.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, yoga here is especially created for those who want a short break from the stresses of the world and reconnect with their inner self. Whatever your level, this venue will immerse you in a harmonious approach that incorporates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change that yoga can bring.

Physical release, spiritual engagement and inspiration

The teachers offer a variety of practices including Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Pranayama breathing meditation. Throughout the yoga retreat the emphasis is on the practice, however theory is taught during the flow of a class and a daily workshop helps guests understand the roots of yoga and the union it is designed to create. We will also incorporate the practice of Guided Healing meditation. The 7 day Yoga Retreat includes a week of physical release, spiritual engagement and inspiration. Group size is limited to ensure that each participant gets sufficient individual attention both on and off the yoga mat.
Throughout the year, the retreat will also play host to a range of specialist guest yoga teachers.

The retreat at a glance:

  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Welcome healthy dinner
  • Full board (delicious, fresh, cleansing cuisine)
  • Breakfast on departure day
  • 8 yoga classes. They can be shared with other guest.
  • 3 meditation classes in group
  • 1 x 60 minutes Spa treatment
  • Complimentary use of oriental steam room, sauna, swimming pool and gym.
  • Water and herbal infusions are at your disposal

Pilates Retreat

Pilates Retreat

Develop the stepping stones to a healthier way of life as you tone your physique and calm your mind through this one of a kind Pilates Retreat. Begin to train muscles you didn’t even know existed as we focus the body on fluid movements performed with control, emphasizing on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Key goals include strengthening and overall body flexibility, increased range of motion and development of proper breathing.

Sessions are accessible to everyone and divided into different levels suitable to the needs of each person. Through the classes we aim to teach body awareness through low impact movements that require flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, all of which helps to prevent injuries. It is highly recommended for those suffering back pains, to strengthen the lumbo-abdominal area, to gain psychological well-being, to reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia, to strengthen the pelvic area, to reduce digestive discomfort and constipation, to strengthen the muscles of the legs and body. It also helps to maintain weight.

This health retreat includes wellness activities such as Yoga, Meditation, Hiking and use of our Reformer Pilates equipment. This Pilates holiday also includes a visit to the hotel´s Spa for total relaxation of the mind, body and soul with luxurious holistic therapies and treatments. 


  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Healthy dinner menu on day of arrival
  • 3 healthy meals per day (full board)
  • Healthy Breakfast on day of departure
  • 2 Yoga Classes in group
  • 3 Meditation classes in group
  • 1 Hike in group
  • 3 Pilates sessions (these can be in group)
  • 1 Pilates Reformer class
  • 1 X 60 Minutes Spa Treatment
  • 1 Body Scrub (30 min.)

What is pilates good for

It tones muscles
Pilates breathing involves engaging your abs in every move you do. Since the movements are slow and controlled then you will be working muscles to improve range of motion and strength.

Improves your core muscles
Pilates really works on your core muscles which has a direct impact on your lower back, abdomen pelvic muscles and hips. Core strength is essential for everyday tasks such as lifting and is key to achieving a flat stomach.

Makes you more flexible
Pilates is all about focusing on stability and controlling your muscles to get better mobility and strength. The main reason is Pilates focuses on strengthening and expanding the muscles rather than bunching them up, therefore they become longer and leaner.

Improves posture
Pilates is all about lengthening and connecting your muscles for better posture. You’ll learn correct positioning of the spine and how to support yourself with your legs and core.

Improved fitness and weight loss
When you start focusing on your core you will realize that all your muscles are connected through here and it will improve your overall sports performance. If you want to lose weight the formula for this is to burn more calories- which Pilates will do as a full body workout in slow and controlled movements that has minimal impact on your joints.

Challenging exercise for all ages
Don’t be fooled that many of the exercises are in sitting or reclining positions on the mat. Pilates is a challenging, but gentle workout. This is a low impact form of exercise that doesn’t put pressure on joints, so it is safe for everyone.

What is the difference between yoga and pilates
Pilates uses fewer, more precise movements in order to achieve the Pilates principles: correct alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flow. 

Through repetitive movement, Yoga focuses on flexibility and broad muscle groups while proving to be extremely therapeutic. Many types of Yoga involve meditation and deep breathing, which aids in relaxation. The meditative portion of Yoga tends to attract people who are seeking to take it easy and de-stress.

How to choose between yoga or pilates
If you are trying to lose weight, Pilates exercises can be done using a Reformer Machine that add cardio to your poses. This can help you to burn additional calories.

Yoga might be the most effective exercise to combat depression or anxiety because it focuses on the mind as well as the body. In Yoga, the breathing exercises help you to achieve relaxation because you have to concentrate on how the breath is being employed. Sending your breath to specific problem areas that are holding stress can help relax these muscle groups in your body.

Pilates exercises are a lot more intense and results may be noticed much quicker than Yoga. Through frequent Pilates exercises, a flatter and firmer stomach may be easier to obtain.

One of the main differences between Yoga and Pilates is that yoga can be used for improving the flexibility of the body and joints. Pilates focuses on trying to relax yet strengthen tense muscles

Relaxation Retreat

Join this popular Relaxation Retreat to learn how to relax, avoid burnout and unlock the happiness that exists inside you. 

The Rejuvenating Relaxation Retreat is for those looking for a perfect combination of rest & relaxation with spa treatments, light movement and expert guidance in personal goals, tackling roadblocks, burnout, depression or simply finding connection.

Your days are carefully structured to get maximum benefit out of the day, with plenty of time for reflection and thought as you go about the pleasant activities of the day. After a refreshing hike enjoy a relaxing massage , take time to think. Time to dream. Time to learn new ideas. Time to stretch and breathe and practice yoga with expert guidance.

This program aims to leave you feeling better than when you started, not exhausted like many traditional vacations tend to do. This Rejuvenating Relaxation Retreat focuses on calming the mind and learning to listen to the voice within and creating greater self awareness. Meditation is a large part of this program as we encourage you to discover how to unlock long lasting happiness. If we can learn to rest deeply in the present moment through mindfulness, and train our minds not to judge, we can discover within us a tremendous source of happiness and satisfaction.

The Relaxation Retreat at a glance:

  • 5 nights’ accommodation
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • 3 Healthy meals per day (full board)
  • Breakfast on departure
  • 4 yoga group classes
  • 4 meditation group classes
  • 1 Hike in group
  • 1 x 60 minutes Reiki or Ayurveda massage
  • Body scrub 30 minutes
  • Spa treatment 60 minutes
  • Retreat Guidance (Coaching)
  • Bliss of Being Consultation
  • Pre & Post Retreat Guidance




14 luxurious rooms

The 14 bedrooms at Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat consist of 12 Premium Rooms and 2 Junior Suites, making it a beautiful boutique hotel near Marbella, but certainly well away from everyday life.

East meets West

Following the philosophy of East meets West, all 14 rooms have been individually designed with attention to detail including marble luxury en-suite bathrooms, fine linens, flat screen TV and stylish furnishings and accessories including bath amenities, bath robes, slippers, hair dryer, safe, etc.

Private terrace or balcony

Your private terrace or balcony is the ideal place to relax and absorb the surrounding nature of the pine forest and mountains. The Suites are a private heaven with four poster beds, fine linens and soft furnishings, large terraces overlooking our oriental gardens.

Weather statistics

Travel & Facts

If you wish to travel other dates or other lenght of stay please contact us for more info and booking. 

Included in the price:
- 5 nights accommodation
- Welcome dinner
- Full board
- Breakfast on departure day
- Content as described in the text of the selected program
- Complimentary use of sauna, swimming pool and minor gym
- Complimentary filtered water an herbal tea
- The basic price includes the yoga program. Other programs involve an additional cost.

Extra nights:
It is possible to travel on dates other than those shown under Dates & prices, and you can also to stay longer or shorter. Contact us for more info. 

Not included in price:
- Flight
- Airport transfer
- If you book a shared double room and there is no one to share a room with, a single room supplement will apply.

Flight to Malaga. Flights can be booked through e.g.
Check in at the hotel commences from 15.00 hours and last check out is 12.00 hours.

Not included: 
- Flight ticket.
- Transfer from and to the airport. A taxi costs around 70 EUR one way (maximum 3-4 persons) to be paid on spot. 

The climate here is hot and dry in summer, pleasant in spring and autumn and cooler in winter. Summertime is nice and sunny, sometimes hot, bring cool clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses and swimwear. November to January it is typically 17-20 degrees Celcius during the day and 8-12 degrees at night.

- There is WiFi Internet connection, but we recommend you to stay offline as much as possible.
- The retreat is located in the hills about a half hour drive from Marbella without any village within walking distance. If you want to see more than just the immediate area surrounding the retreat we recommend a rental car which we can help you to book if you want. The roads are great and the surrounding area is very beautiful.  It is not more than a 30 minutes drive down to Marbella and the sea.
- The rooms do not have air condition due to environmental reasons.
- There is a nice swimming pool (not heated)
- Yoga mats etc. is provided, but you are welcome to bring your own yoga mat
- You can order spa treatmants on site, there is a wide range of treatments in the spa meny.
- Age limit 16 years
- The retreat is rural without any village within walking distance. If you want to see more than the immediate area around the retreat, we recommend a rental car. The roads are nice. It is very beautiful in the mountains in the area and only around half an hour down to Marbella and the Mediterranean.

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting your air travel is a good way of taking responsiblity for the emissions caused by it. You can easily carbon offset your trip directly with us when you complete your booking, and you will immediately see what it costs. We collaborate with the organisation GoCLimateNeutral and the amount goes to UN-certified climate projects that have the Gold Standard certification. If you want to dive deeper into the climate compensation, you can find more info here.

Dates and prices

DateDaysName of tripPrice from
13/08/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,622Book on request
20/08/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,622Book on request
27/08/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,622Book on request
03/09/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
10/09/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
17/09/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
24/09/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
01/10/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
08/10/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
15/10/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
22/10/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
29/10/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
05/11/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
12/11/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
19/11/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
26/11/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
03/12/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
10/12/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,459Book on request
18/12/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,622Book on request
25/12/20226Spain – Elegant retreat outside MarbellaEUR 1,622Book on request
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