Thailand, Koh Samui – Get Your Groove Back + Manifesting the Chit Out of Life

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Join Master yogi Ulrica Norberg and experienced teacher Chungmei Lee to the amazing Samahita Retreat Center on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand in February/March 2020 for one or two weeks of spring cleaning in body, mind and spirit.

Since 2003, Samahita Retreat has been providing yoga retreats. Samahita is a unique place where you increase your energy level and recover and enhance your vitality, through yoga, fitness, detox and wellness, in nature, directly on the beach. The facilities include dedicated yoga retreat spaces, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, and a fitness retreat loft with incredible sea views.

You can choose one of the following weeks, or book both of them and get the second week with a discount.

Get your groove back – The detox and energizing yoga retreat

• 22-29 February 2020

Join Ulrica and Chungmei for a week of spring cleaning in body, mind and spirit. With Ulrica´s and Chungmei´s individual approach to yoga, you will learn to tailor your practice to your personal needs - whether you are at your progression of this practice, a beginner, or advanced/yogateacher. Read more below in the Program tab.

Manifesting the Chit Out of Life – The High-Vibe and Intention Yoga Retreat

• 29 Februari - 7 March 2020

This retreat is for dedicated students and yoga teachers and works beautiful as an add on from the prior week and Get Your Groove Back Retreat. Here we will heighten the art of intention and manifestation in mind, body and spirit. Also this week Master yogi Ulrica and the experienced Chungmei will be your teachers. Read more below in the Program tab.




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(The pictures are from Samahita Retreat but not from classes with Ulrica and Chungmei.)

• 22-29 February

The practices are focused on brightening your inner potential, loosen tension and build strength from the core in order to reach a better flow in life. 

The practices offered; asana, pranayama, alignment techniques, meditation and more, are designed to tune in to your inner power and potential and revitalize yourself back to balance.

You will liberate light and inspiration and redirect your energy in motion in order to live your life purposefully, healthy and powerfully. 

• 29 February - 7 March

Over the course of the week you will be guided through techniques like mudras, mantras, chanting, intentional meditation, journaling, satsangs, yin and restorative, dancing, alignment classes, flow and Yoga Nidra in order to build yourself up from the inside out and learn how to work with clear intention to reinvent your life. 

Ulrica and Chungmei are highly experienced in structural and energetic alignment, anatomy, chakrayoga,  yinyoga, restorativeyoga, flow and pranayama. 

Every morning starts with a 2 hr yoga session and every afternoon you will indulge in 2 hr on the mat. Some afternoons you can join in on extra philosophy talks and technique lab.

Daily schedule (preliminary)

  • 06.45 Tea / Coffee / Fruit
  • 07.00-09.00 Yoga practice
  • 10.00-13.00 Brunch buffet
  • Freetime
  • Satsang/philosophy session (some days)
  • 15.00 Snack (fruit and juice)
  • 16.00-18.00 Yoga practice
  • 18.00-20.00 Dinner
  • Kirtan (some evening)

The classes will be held in English.

All props you might need is provided. However we always recommend to bring your own mat if you have one you love and are used to.  

Your teachers Ulrica Norberg and Chungmei Lee

Ulrica Norberg

Ulrica has over 25 years of experience in how to work on intergrating and individualize inner potential with opening up the capacity of body, mind and spirit. Physically, Mentally, Spiritually.

Ulrica stems from that all healing, happiness and strenght comes from dedicated reflection, meditation and movement. WIth a sincere dedicaton to know thyself. 

She has written over a dozen books on health and awareness as well as teaching students privately, companies and groups all over the world in awareness, creativity, innovation, meditation, mindfulness, health and yoga. 

Chungmei Lee

Chungmei’s yoga journey started from a cancelled boxing class at the gym in 2001. Since then she has quit her job, relocated to Sweden, worked as a yoga teacher full time, and gone to art school, none of which she thought she would ever do.  

She continues to be amazed by the power of yoga to open oneself to the adventure of living. After studying with various teachers over the years, she bases her practice these days on Tantra studies with Alan Finger and Christopher Hareesh Wallis.

She finds inspiration in the devotion of her students and living the full experience of being human in all its terrible beauty. 




Samahita was purpose-built to function as a retreat center dedicated to your vitality, well-being and relaxation. The variety of private and shared room options reflect that. The rooms are set back from the main beachfront facilities perfect for quiet contemplation and relaxation. The eco-friendly buildings make use of cross-ventilation, natural lighting, rainwater harvesting, and offer both mosquito screens and fans and air conditioning. There are rooms for the single traveler, couples or friends, as well as loft-style accommodation that is ideal for families or two people sharing. Regardless of which room you stay in, the beach, pool and practice spaces are seconds away.

Shared two-bedroom loft

Suitable for two people sharing

  • 50 sqm plus a balcony
  • two bedrooms between split level loft
  • private bathroom for shared occupants
  • bio-sustainable hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel
  • queen-size bed and bedside lighting
  • large writing desk (2.5m), desk lamp and bookshelves
  • lockable storage cabinet and a room safe
  • hot-water kettle, mugs, medium-size fridge
  • built-in wardrobes with sufficient space for luggage
  • ceiling fans, mosquito screens and air conditioning

Double room en-suite

Suitable for a single or couples

  • 35 sqm plus balcony and en-suite bathroom
  • large shower area with room for clothes hanging and drying
  • bio-sustainable hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel
  • queen-size bed, bedside lighting and comfortable private seating
  • large writing desk (2.5m), desk lamp and bookshelves
  • lockable storage cabinet (up to larger size laptops) and a room safe
  • hot-water kettle, mugs, medium-size fridge
  • built-in wardrobe with sufficient space for luggage
  • ceiling fans, mosquito screens and air conditioning

Double room with shared bathroom

Suitable for a single, or two people sharing queen bed 
(Max capacity: 2 adults, 2 children – across 2 semi-private rooms)

  • 25 sqm plus a balcony
  • shared bathroom with separate access from adjacent double room
  • bio-sustainable hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel
  • queen-size bed and bedside lighting
  • medium writing desk (1.5m), desk lamp and bookshelves
  • lockable storage cabinet and a room safe
  • hot-water kettle, mugs, medium-size fridge
  • built-in wardrobe with sufficient space for luggage
  • ceiling fans, mosquito screens and air conditioning


Eco-friendly design

The eco-friendly design includes:
Cross-ventilation of air
Energy-saving magnetic key card
Low energy appliances
Reduced EMF (electromagnetic frequency) exposure due to no TV
Photo sensor light switches
Low-flush water-saving toilet and bathroom fixtures
Structured brick-work that minimizes both energy and sound loss
Rainwater harvesting



A Philosophy on Food

We live on, and often for, food. And yet the same food can shorten this life and reduce its quality. There are so many approaches to food and diet, each with its own justifications. At the simplest level, and a principle of Ayurveda and thus yoga, food should be both delicious and nutritious. To keep it natural means all homemade without processed food, local ingredients as much as possible, organic if available, and a well-balanced mix of ingredients. Equally, to keep it healthy in today’s modern food environment means no sugar, no iodized salt, no MSG or related products, and only the use of stable and healthy oils and fats.

Vitality and quality of life are directly influenced by the food you take which impacts your energy levels. It affects practice and activity progress. They care about that here and do their best to serve you food that is natural, healthy, and absolutely delicious.

An approach to food

Your stay at Samahita includes a complete offering of food across the buffets. The timing of food on the buffet is designed to support your practice and activity level. Equally, how the food is made and what is in it are vital to your reenergizing of life and how your body gets cleaner, lighter and stronger. Hidden ingredients like oils, salt and sugar, along with bad food combinations, are often the main culprits behind low energy, weight gain, poor digestion, disturbed sleep, and a variety of other maladies. Samahita has a team of over 10 Thai cooks and a talented head chef. They make all our food here with care and love. A large team is hired to ensure everything is homemade and fresh. Complimentary morning coffee and tea are out by 6:45am. Buffet items are available from 8:15am until 1:30pm and again in the evening from 6-8pm. The retreat tries to cater for a wide variety of diets, displaying all possible allergens, give raw and vegan options while also catering for those who like to eat fish and dairy. They make fresh juice daily in their own kitchen for the brunch buffet and offer homemade soy milk, coconut milk, cow milk, brown rice milk, and a homemade electrolyte drink. Fully available for both your taste buds and your cells when you stay at Samahita.


Samahita offer a full complimentary buffet to you during your stay

  • A full breakfast buffet with homemade bread, muesli and granola
  • Fresh fruits from Thailand
  • Homemade selection of nut butter and jams
  • Fresh and organic salads, sprouts and seeds
  • Homemade healthy salad dressings
  • Raw dishes, salads and pastes
  • Fermented probiotic rich veggies
  • Vegan milks, dairy milk, and homemade electrolytes
  • Freshly made juices and Thai herbal tea mixtures
  • Black tea and brewed Hilltribe Coffee
  • Freshly made egg options of your choice
  • Delicious variety of lunch items, Thai and international
  • Tasty and enjoyable variety of dinner items
  • Vegan, vegetarian and fish options
  • Our Healthy Lite Corner for both buffet times – including raw salad, fishbone broth, green detox soup, miso soup, steamed veggies and greens


Available to order directly at the bar. Fresh juices, both veggie and fruit or a combo, fresh young coconuts, gelato and homemade sweet treats add up to enjoying life while feeling good and healthy. So does coffee, when done right. Here they source organic Hilltribe Coffee from North Thailand. The staff make and bake everything offered here, all with the best and healthiest ingredients, especially when it comes to oils and sugar.

  • Organic Hilltribe Thai coffee barrista style
  • Bulletproof (Keto) coffee
  • Mocha, matcha and vegan bulletproof coffees
  • Tea, chai, and matcha green tea
  • Fresh squeezed juice combinations
  • Wheatgrass and Gotu Kola Shots
  • Freshly made smoothies
  • Probiotic drinks
  • Whey protein, vegan protein, MCT oil, cacao
  • Homemade chocolate treats
  • Homemade energy balls and granola bars
  • Gelato homemade Italian-style ice cream
  • Take-away homemade spreads and treats
  • A La Carte food menu

Beachfront dining & Buffet

A full buffet experience is offered from breakfast to lunch and over dinner, with a combination of a Healthy Lite section as well as the myriad of other dishes. The dining area opens to the pool and looks on to the beach, bright and airy, for small or large groups to sit.

Multiple filtered drinking water stations

Water is essential to life. As a retreat center focused on a conscious and conscientious lifestyle, they eschew the sale of plastic bottles and believe in offering our guests the best quality filtered water as part of your experience here. All at no charge. Fill up and hydrate.

Samahita Retreat Center

Samahita Retreat Center

Since 2003, Samahita Retreat has been providing yoga retreats in Thailand. Samahita is a unique place where you increase your energy level and recover and enhance your vitality, through yoga, fitness, detox and wellness, in nature, directly on the beach. Here you are able to

  • Restore the body through the healthy and food focus of this yoga retreat
  • Bathe in nature’s wonders on the beautiful beach in this remote corner of Thailand’s special Koh Samui

Samahita Cares About You

The founders of Samahita Retreat set it up because they care about you and your wellbeing, they care about the environment and our place on this planet, and they care about how a business should operate so learned experience highlights value for your time and money. Choosing to come and stay here is not just another hotel (‘cos it’s not!!) but a place to feel at home, in nature, to transform, let go and be. They live this and do their best to share it with you.

Explore Life at Samahita Retreat

Since 2003 over 20,000 people have joined Samahita and use the word “authentic” to describe what goes on here. This venue offers life-giving tasty food, with a variety of guest room options. The facilities include dedicated yoga retreat spaces, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, and a fitness retreat loft with incredible sea views.

Samahita’s Unique Qualities

The founders were not interested in setting up a hotel or another resort. Thousands exist already. The focus, unlike the hotel model, is not purely business. They believe some things are more important than just prioritizing the earning of revenue and making a profit. They believe in, and are excited about, offering you value and quality in space and place – a truly healthy and clean choice of food, an environment where you can personally transform. 

This is the backbone of this retreat´s uniqueness:

  • Better than just a hotel
  • As normal as coming to a resort
  • Transformational experiences
  • Meeting and keeping friends
  • A homelike environment and feel
  • Personal space yet community support
  • More than just home cooked food, but food that respects all natural principles
  • More than just a holiday on the beach
  • A chance to take something home that’s good for you
  • Directly on the beach
  • With people who care about you
  • A place designed for mind-body health and fitness


facilities beach dining

Beachfront Facilities

Another part of your reason to be here is to chill. This lounge is the perfect spot to do nothing, sit and read, or lay back and listen to music. The ideal space to relax and hang with your partner or take time alone. Its open-air quality lets you enjoy the sea breeze, feel the tropics, with a view of the beach.

Samahita Retreat opens to a beautiful, non-touristy beach. The tide moves with the moon on a daily and monthly basis, revealing a wider open beach or deeper swimming waters, highest at the end of the year and lowest in the middle. Your experience here is spread across places of practice and activity, relaxing and dining personal private space or enjoying the company of others in community group spots. There are 4 dedicated yoga shala practice spaces, an indoor cycle studio facing the beach, a sea view fitness loft, beachfront lounge and dining, a full juice and coffee bar as well as multiple filtered drinking water stations, a sustainable recycle center, an herbal steam room looking to the beach, a meditation garden, and the typical amenities across our reception, shop and wellness center. All with complimentary wifi access across the property.

facilities main yoga shala

Main Yoga Shala

The centerpiece practice space, designed and built specifically for group and self-practice yoga sessions. It carries a special energy from years of dedicated practice on beautifully sustainable bamboo floors, with large open windows keeping it light and airy, opening at one end to the meditation garden and at the other to the pool garden overlooking the beach. It is fully equipped with all types of yoga props as well as inversion swings, TRXs and rope harnesses.

Beachfront Yoga Shala

Many of the daily classes happen here, with over 60 square meters of practice space and the sounds of the ocean from just steps away.

facilities beachfront shala

Fitness Loft

This loft space functions as open air or closed off from the elements. It has a view of the beach, large mirror on the back wall, dance bars around its perimeter, hard flooring and solid steel structural beams, perfect for all types of fitness, dance, inversion swing, and yoga classes.

facilities fitness loft

Cabana Beachfront Shala

At the beach, next to the pool, exists an extra space for either small sized yoga classes in the morning or private lounging and dining through the rest of the day. A perfect beachside yet shaded personal read or workspace.

Sustainable Recycling Center

Samahita Retreat embodies the quality of a home more so than a commercial resort. We believe in what we do and why emphasizing not just a personal healthy approach but one that cares for the planet. We do our best to compost any leftover food and recycle any other forms of trash, even ones we find washed up on the beach. Join us in clearing your own plate and embracing the green.

Beachfront Swimming Pool

Our saltwater swimming pool is a stone’s throw from the beach and fully equipped with sun loungers and shaded areas. There’s an additional shallow pool for the kids or grown-ups that just want to sit immersed in the water before jumping back into the steam room or taking part in other activities.

Herbal Steam Room

Our herbal steam room uses a blend of Thai herbs (Samonpi) to add the therapeutic effect of steaming. It is on every evening, after the sunset, but can also be requested for use during the daytime. Next, to the pool, its two round windows look out to sea. Enjoy your steaming session with dips in either the pool or the sea. This is a great place to spend time as you detox and participate in our Total Self-care Programs.

Meditation Garden

Next to our main yoga shala rises an impressive Bodhi Tree, similar that which the Buddha sat under for enlightenment. It is a perfect secluded space for quiet contemplation or personal meditation sessions. We also have a traditional Vedic Fire (yajna) Shala for certain mantra chanting rituals. Here, on many occasions, we conduct a fire ceremony, a practice which ignites an extremely positive charge into the earth and surrounding vibration.

Eco-life Boutique

We have carefully chosen the items we sell in our shop to fit a sustainable and conscientious approach. Local independent suppliers work together with us to produce original high-quality products. These include a wide range of hand-picked items from around the world as well as our own Samahita Retreat creations, from yoga gear, books, jewelry, body products, to arts and crafts. By using our place as a venue to display local wares, we hope to have a positive impact on the lives of those in our community.

Guest Reception

The sense of arrival and most likely the first spot you will visit and continue to walk through many times over your stay. Our friendly and knowledgeable front office team are here to help with any local logistic inquiries or anything to do with your stay. It’s also a good zone to hang in.

The Beach

You’ll visit our non-touristy beach as you stay at the Samahita Retreat. The tide moves with the moon on a daily and monthly basis, revealing a wider open beach or deeper swimming waters, highest at the end of the year and lowest in the middle. The beach covers a long stretch of about 4 kilometers spanning spectacular sunrises each morning to incredibly colorful sunsets in the opposite direction. A walk west leads you to the Golden Pagoda, one of Samui’s oldest and treasured Buddhist shrines.  Take a look at our secluded beach front location on the southern coast of Koh Samui.

Dedox & Wellness Center

Samahita has an onsite dedicated Detox and Wellness Center in addition to all our other facilities
to offer you a variety of therapies and treatments in your value package or a la carte.

Travel & Facts

 Accommodation 7 nights in shared twin room ensuite shared with the same gender. Single room might be possible depending on availibility. You can see the supplements when you click on "Book on request" in the first step before you make any registration.
- Vegetarian full board
- Yoga lessons according to the description in the Program & Schedule part 
- Group transfer from and to the airport
- Excursions included: 
      Temple walk, weather permitting
      Boat & Snorkeling trip, weather permitting 
      Night market at the Fisherman’s Village in Bophut 

Not included:
- Flights
- Massages and other treatments

Travel: Flight to Koh Samui, Thailand.

Flights can be booked by yourself, or send us an email and we are happy to help you. Our booking fee is 30 EUR per person.

Do not book your flight before you have received information from us that the minimum number of participants is attained.

Transfer: A group transfer (ca 90 minutes) from Koh Samui Airport is included in the price. You might have to wait on the airport for other participants to arrive before the transfer departs. The same applies at departure if your flight is later than others. If you need or wish to have your own separate transfer it is possible at an additional cost. 

WiFi: Yes

Pool: Yes

Yoga equipment: Yoga mats and other yoga equipment is available but you are welcome to bring your own mat. 

Spa: Possible to book massage and other treatments during your stay.  

Special diets: No problem, let us know when you book. 

Age limit: No

Local currency: Thai bath (THB). There are many ATMs and currency exchange places on Samui.

Credit cards: The retreat accepts Mastercard and VISA 

Electricity: 220 V. A number of several plug connections are used so we advice to to bring a good adapter.

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting your air travel is a good way of taking responsiblity for the emissions caused by it. You can easily carbon offset your trip directly with us when you complete your booking, and you will immediately see what it costs. We collaborate with the organisation GoCLimateNeutral and the amount goes to replacing wood and coal stoves for solar-powered fireplaces in the Chinese countryside in an UN-certified climate project that has the Gold Standard certification. If you want to dive deeper into the climate compensation, you can find more info here.



Average min and max temperatures in Laem Sor, Thailand

Average monthly sunhours in Laem Sor, Thailand

Average rainy days (rain/snow) in  Laem Sor, Thailand

Dates and prices

DateNightsName of tripPrice from
22/02/20207Thailand, Koh Samui – Get Your Groove Back with Ulrica Norberg and Chungmei LeeEUR 1,476Book on request
22/02/202014Thailand, Koh Samui - Get Your Groove Back + Manifesting the Chit Out of LifeEUR 2,850Book on request
DateNightsName of tripPrice from
29/02/20207Thailand, Koh Samui - Manifesting the Chit Out of Life with Ulrica Norberg and Chungmei LeeEUR 1,476Book on request
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