Spain, Ibiza - Sacred Space Shamanic Yoga Experience

During this transformational time period we invite you to re-learn about yourself, your relationship with your reality and your dreams. This will be a time to re-connect with your true nature and essence. This can be seen as a new beginning and a launch pad for a new way of living. You will regain the footing on your path of truth.

Of course it is also a week of relaxation and pleasure, you are on holiday as well as enjoying an educational experience, and you can indulge in restorative massage, local fresh organic meals and deep sleeping. You will not need to think about comfort, it will be there for you in abundance, with daily maid attended rooms; all the smaller details that make you feel at peace, so you can do your inner work.

We will begin every morning with rising sun meditation; you learn to keep focus inwards to prepare for further practice. Our morning continues with soulful chanting and a dynamic Vinyasa and totem animal yoga practice, inspired by ancient shamanic practices. The intention is for you and your body to be awake, peaceful and in balance.

Accommodation & food

Villa Ses Palmeres has got her name from the two tall standing palm trees that stand majestically on the property. Nestled on a hillside with a view over a deep green and blossoming Ibiza valley. You will wake up to the smell of jasmine and soft sunlight blinking through the windows of your boutique bedroom. Why not enjoy some luxury whilst learning new things!

We have picked this villa for the sacred energy vibration, as well as the high-end living and sleeping rooms. Moreover we have chosen this place because an eagle -a rare appearance in Ibiza - circled it and we spotted it on the first day we visited there! (We will teach about symbolism and omens on the course, but this was one for sure). The frequency of this space is very special indeed. Of course there is also the special vibe of the island, said to be the third most magnetic place in the world!

The menu is designed to support the yoga and healing practice and to help eliminate toxins from your system. The food is plant based with an option to add eggs or some local goats cheese on request. Our happy chef will bring to you the flavours of the island by using colourful and organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. We are very excited for you to eat the sacred way, we will learn how to reduce digestive issues such as bloating and a more conscious way of eating, that really makes a difference.


Yoga & teachers

We will begin every morning with rising sun meditation; you learn to keep focus inwards to prepare for further practice. Our morning continues with soulful chanting and a dynamic Vinyasa and totem animal yoga practice, inspired by ancient shamanic practices. The intention is for you and your body to be awake, peaceful and in balance.

Every day you will learn how to create Sacred Space, to perform ritual, ceremony and inner connection, and how to energetically cleanse the home, work space, dis-ease in others and yourself.

Every evening we will come together to learn practical shamanism and how to bring healing into your life and the lives of those who seek healing. We will share knowledge and impart wisdom on the art of letting go of your pain and of working toward the manifestation of your hearts desire. You will explore and understand how to access the heart, your hearts desires and own sacred destiny. You will re-familiarize yourself with the sacred art of magic; the mysterious connective force behind all and everything.

You will be introduced to some sacred chants (songs) and learn about their meaning. We will experience the positive effects they have on the mind. There will be time to dance and move together, to explore the island and to find your own quiet contemplation.

We will come together to safely expyoga ibizaerience plant medicines with the intention of opening our hearts and our minds to our own inner truth, which is essentially what this retreat is ultimately for.

During the retreat you will have two teachers, Carina and Faye. 

Carina is born Austrian, moved from London to Ibiza and found her home and LOVE there. After having led numerous yoga retreats for Ibiza's most respected Retreat company as well as her own creations, Carina felt it was time to grow and move forward. Out of a passion for nature and the mystical world, sacred space was born.

Carina’s creative approach in her yoga classes and her joyful energy inspires to switch on the light within yourself and become the best version you can be!

Having taught the art of Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga since 2013, Carina has dipped into Yin Yoga, Kundalini, Jivamukti practices and inspired by nature has created shamanic totem animal yoga. ibiza shamanic retreat

‘Experience your own Inner-Magic’ 

Faye has always been attracted to shamanism and earth energies; since she was a child she was experiencing phenomena of the natural world and started working with crystals at 6 years old. In 2002 Faye learned traditional Usui Reiki, then went on to explore the mystery schools, joining the theosophical society and pagan-influenced healing network. 


Preliminary daily program:

08:00 Tea & yogi breakfast

08:30 Meditation & chanting

09:00 Yoga

11:30 Brunch

12:30 Free time, relax, massage

16:00 Afternoon tea and snack

17:00 Shamanic evening class

19:30 Dinner 


Travel & Facts

- Accommodation 5 nights in shared twin, single room possible with supplement 
- 3 hour morningclass with meditation, chanting and vinyasa yoga
- Shamanic workshop with Faye every evening
- Daily breathing exercises
- Vegan fullboard
- Talks and 1:1 lifecoaching with Faye or Carina
- Opening ceremony and closing ceremony

Not included:
- Flights
- Transfer
- Excursions

Single room: Single room can be booked with supplement, you can see the supplement when you click on Book on request.

Travel:  Fly to Ibiza

Transfer: Transfer is not included but can be arranged. Transfer cost is 50 EURO per car/ way

WiFi: Yes

Pool: Yes

Yoga equipment: Everything you need will be there but you are welcome to bring your own if you want to. 

Special diet: Let us know when you book if you require any special diet.

Electricity: 220 V, Europlug works. 

Currency: Euro

Credit card: Not accepted at the accommodation but can be used in most stores and restaurants. 

Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting your air travel is a good way of taking responsiblity for the emissions caused by it. You can easily carbon offset your trip directly with us when you complete your booking, and you will immediately see what it costs. We collaborate with the organisation GoCLimateNeutral and the amount goes to replacing wood and coal stoves for solar-powered fireplaces in the Chinese countryside in an UN-certified climate project that has the Gold Standard certification. If you want to dive deeper into the climate compensation, you can find more info here.