Morocco, Essaouira – Soul Rhythm, Yoga & Drumming

Raise your vibration and find your rhythm through yoga asana, pranayama, magical music circles and wild and free dancing on the beach. Explore the deeper layers of your body through dynamic as well as deeply releasing restorative yoga practice.  Stay in a unique eco lodge built by a Scottish – Argentinian couple with a mission! Made from nothing but natural materials you will disconnect from everyday life. Ground yourself deeply in this peaceful oasis and learn how to empower yourself – how to take your health and wellbeing to the next level.

Explore the REAL Morocco far away from any tourist traps … only the local village with it’s inhabitants and a colourful weekly market to visit. Explore the cultural hub and beautiful city Essaouira just 20mins away from the retreat house. Experience a traditional hammam, take in the colours and smells of the back streets and feast in a traditional Moroccon restaurant! 

Every morning you will be guided through meditation and yoga practice by Carina & Marrejan a fusion of dynamic Vinyasa, breath work, somatic movement and restorative practice. After a sweaty morning you can plunge in the natural pool that is in the middle of the yoga shala before you go on to nourish your body with a vegetarian feast enhanced by exotic Arabic flavours. 

Accommodation & food

Straddling a ridgeline between two tiny fishing and farming villages, the Serai stands like an ancient sentinel over the patchwork of terraced fields and drystone walls dropping gently towards the beach 800m away. With the forested hillside behind, the Atlantic in front and long clear views up and down the coast, the location is breathtakingly magical.

Wonderful Essaouira close enough to be just visible on the southern horizon, farmers’ markets like stepping back in time, and a rugged coastline of huge empty beaches, caves and tidal pools; this is a place of sparkling eyes and healthy appetites. As an integral part of a rural Moroccan community, not hidden behind high walls and closed gates, the Serai offers a very unusual experience to ecologically and culturally-minded visitors: a perfect base for really getting to know this colourful part of Morocco.

Stay in a unique eco lodge that was built by a Scottish-Argentinian couple who manifested their dream by creating this retreat center... built with only natural materials and with their own bare hands. "The Serai" which is the name if the building is perched on top of the hill, only 10mins walk from the ocean and bathed in golden light every evening at sunset. The only neighbours are a few fishermen that live in the small village nearby. A taste of the REAL Morocco.

The house has six rooms that varies from single room to triple room, all except one with ensuite bathroom. The last room has a bathroom just outside for private use. 

Nourish body and soul by sampling an exciting fusion of Arabic flavours mixed with modern vegan & vegetarian cuisine. Start your day with cleansing tea and a pre yoga snack for energy. After the morning practice you will enjoy a feast made with love by local Moroccan women. During the day an abundance of fruit, nuts and Moroccan snacks will keep you going. Teas and fresh water will always be available.  After your evening class or workshop we will dine together under the stars. 

We chose to serve vegetarian food on this retreat as it is said to feed the divine inside of you. Furthermore a plant based diet will support the purification process in your body, but also your mind and spirit.

Yoga & your teachers

During the week you will have two teachers, Carina and Marrejan. 

Carina is born Austrian, moved from London to Ibiza and found her home and LOVE there. After having led numerous yoga retreats for Ibiza's most respected Retreat company as well as her own creations, Carina felt it was time to grow and move forward. Out of a combination of her biggest passions, yoga, travel, music and adventure - Adventureyogatravels was born! In the rapidly growing yoga retreat market, she wanted to offer something with a difference, with a spark; a sense of excitement, freedom and uniqueness. In collaboration with highly trained and experienced teachers, healers, therapists, space holders Carina offers a wellness travel experience you won't find anywhere else! DIVE IN <3 

Carina is 200h Yoga Alliance certified in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, however also teaches Yin Yoga and mantra singing is a huge part of her classes and retreats.

Marrejan lives on Ibiza since 43 years. ‘University of life’ has taught her so much, riding the waves off her up & down journey. As a single Mamma she has travelled the world while raising her son (today 31) and living & working in many different countries. She is a former Fashion designer, business owner & CEO. Her work as a Soul-Coach and Yin & Restorative Yoga teacher became her true life-path. Her greatest passion is empowering people on their life-journey through ‘body-mind & soul’.  

‘After my own journey of deep self healing it became clear to me that helping others on their path is the most fulfilling & rewarding way to combine my passion for Yoga & Soul-healing and that my life-long experience, around the world, can help empower others on their way towards transformation. I am so very grateful to live the wonder of giving and receiving. I have found my “Dharma” (purpose/passion in life)’. - Marrejan


Saturday April 6th
*3pm Arrivals, Tea & Snack. 1:1 Soul coaching consultations & welcome massages.
*5.30pm Welcome & sharing circle with the whole retreat team followed by Restorative Yoga. Invitation to set your intentions, ‘Sankalpa’. What is it that you like to invite more of in your life, what does your soul tell you, what would you like to let go of? With Marrejan, Carina, Marjolein & Rayja.
*7.30pm Supper under the stars.
*9.30pm An ‘Arabian night’ of good sleep.

Sunday April 7th
*7.30am Light pre-yoga breakfast. SILENCE IN THE MORNING
*8.30am – 10.30am Barefoot walking meditation in silence followed by a grounding Yoga practice, inviting the first Chakra connection, Muladhara - Root Chakra – Earth. 
*11.30am Brunch.
*12am 1:1 Soul- coaching consultations, welcome massages and relaxing time for you.
*4pm Afternoon snack.
*5.30pm Yin & Restorative Yoga.
*7.30pm Supper under the stars
*8.30pm After dinner tea’s and sharing of the day’s experience.
*9.30pm Restful sleep after a long day.

Monday April 8th
*7.30am Light pre-yoga breakfast.
*8.30am – 10.30am Soul- search meditation, bringing body, heart & mind in alignment followed by a flowing Yoga practice and inviting the second Chakra connection, Swadhistani – Sacral Chakra - Water. 
*11.30am Brunch.
*12am 1:1 Soul - coaching consultations, welcome massages and relaxing time.
*4pm Afternoon snack.
*5.30pm Sacral – Chakra – Womb – connection - workshop, introduction to your higher vibration.
*7.30pm Supper under the stars.
*8.30pm Tea’s and sweets, sharing after dinner circle.
*9.30pm Sweet dreams.

Tuesday April 9th
*7.30am Light pre-yoga breakfast.
*8.00am – 10.30am Beach-Yoga. The 5 Elements meditation & Yoga practice, Sun salutations & sand warriors, inviting the third Chakra connection, Manipura – Solar plexus - Fire.
*12am Brunch.
*1pm Relaxing time for yourself. Time for extra consultations and/or massages.
*4pm Afternoon snack.
*5.30pm Yin & Restorative Yoga.
*7.30pm Supper under the stars
*8.30pm Our after dinner day - sharing tea circle.
*9.30pm Restful sleep after a long day.

WednesdayApril 10th
*7.30am Light pre-yoga breakfast.
*8.30am – 10.30am Introduction to Kickboxing – Fitness, an energetic morning on the beach. Why kick-boxing is so important for especially women?
*12am Brunch.
*1pm Relaxing time for yourself. Time for extra consultations, therapies, and/or massages.
*4pm Afternoon snack.
*5.30pm Beach Sunset opening your Heart meditation and Yoga, inviting the fourth chakra, Anahata – Heart chakra- Air.
*7.30pm Supper under the stars
*8.30pm Mantra’s chanting, music & sharing.
*9.30pm Sweet dreams after a long day.

Thursday April 11th
*7.30am Light pre-yoga breakfast.
*8.30am – 10.30am Speaking your Truth meditation & Flow Yoga. We invite the fifth Chakra connection, Vishudda – Throat chakra – Sound.
*11.30am Brunch.
*12.30pm Afternoon off, time for an excursion to the local market, shopping in Essaouira, beach time, etc.
*4pm Afternoon snack for the ones staying on the retreat.
*7.30pm Supper under the stars.
*8.30pm Sufi dance, drums, awakening the rhythm of your soul.
*9.30pm Sweet dreams after a long day.

Friday April 12th
*7.30am Light pre-yoga breakfast.
*8.30am – 10.30am Bija sound 7- Chakra meditation & Vinyasa – flow-Yoga. Inviting the sixth Chakra connection.  Ajna - Third eye Chakra – Light.
*11.30am Brunch.
*12.30pm Relaxing time and further therapies. Closure 1:1 coaching.
*3pm Afternoon snack.
*4pm Departure for a delicious Hamman immersion.
*7.30pm Supper in Essaouiroa, celebrating the final retreat evening.
*10pm Sweet dreams after an exciting day.

Saturday April 13th
*7.30am Light pre-yoga breakfast.
*8.30am – 10.00am Bliss meditation & Yoga. Inviting the seventh Chakra connection.  Sahasrara – crown chakra – Ether.
*10.30am Brunch.
*12.30pm Retreat closes.

Travel facts

Included in the price:
- Accommodation 7 night i shared room (triple)
- 2 hours morning yoga
- 1 massage
- 1 traditional hammam 
- Full board fresh, local, organic and homemade cuisine
- Daily evening class or workshop
- Talks and 1:1 life coaching
- Drumming circle and music night under the stars

Ingår inte i priset:
- Flygbiljett
- Transfer
- Eventulla utflykter utöver programmet

SIngle room: Single room can be booked at an extra cost. You can see the cost by clicking on Book on request. 

Travel:  Fly to Essaouira or Marrakech. If you fly to Marakech it takes about 2.5 hours with taxi to Essaouira and cost about 60 EURO. 

Transfer: Transfer is not inclued but we can help book taxitransfer from both Essaouira and Marrakech. 

WiFi: No

Pool: No, but there is a small natural plunge pool in the middle of the yoga shala. 

Yoga equipment: Everything needed is provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you want to. 

Special diet: Let us know when you book

Age limit: No

Electricity: 220 V, Europlug works.

Local currency: Moroccan dirham

Passport: Your passport should be valid at least 6 months. 

Credit card: Not accepted at the Serai, but in most stores and restaurants though not at markets. 

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