Spain, Barcelona – Eco Detox Retreat in the lower Pyrenees

Join this retreat for a full detox of the body and mind. This retreat is created and designed to provide a natural and supportive environment for groups, couples, and individuals to relax, renew, and restore their well-being. You will be offered serenity, seclusion, and security to relax and renew through this detox and yoga retreat.

Come and experience the magic for yourself!

The venue for this retreat is a 1000 year old lovely renovated and comfortable house located in the lower Pyrenees. 

Video from the Detox Retreat in the beginning of 2017 (in another location than the present):


Eco detox

Eco detox

Eco detox

Eco Detox’s philosophy goes far beyond the simple practice of fasting as a weight loss tool, and invites you to embark on a profound and personal journey. A journey in which you learn about yourself, experience and live fully in the present moment, unlock your creativity and where you feel wholly connected to the people and environment around you. A journey which is deeply healing, transformative and ultimately life changing.

Why fast

During fasting the body eliminates excess fats and toxins that have accumulated over a long period of time. The body uses an incredible amount of energy digesting all the food we consume on a daily basis. When we give our digestive system a break from working so hard, not only does it allow it to return to work more efficiently than ever after the process, but the excess of energy allows us to experience some very unique and positive emotions that we may not always feel in our busy day to day lives. Sensations of clarity, connection, expansion and empathy are all wonderful side effects of juicing which will stay with you for a while after the retreat has ended.


• All activities described further down
• Daily organic detox juices
• 1-2 (depending on season) organic broth

Spa treatments

In June and July you can have a variety of treatments such as massages, Reiki, and different types of natural healings at an additional cost.



A typical day

• 06.30 - 08.30 Yoga and meditation
• 09.00 Detox juice
• 11.00 - 13.00 Workshop or yoga class
• 13.30 Detox juice
• 16.00 - 18.00 Workshop or excursion
• 19.00 Detox juice
• 20.00 Sungazing meditation
• 21.30 Soup and health-based documentary

There is a full program of activities that you can attend if you want.

This is a guided meditation using an ancient Toltecan technqiue of gazing at the sun during the safe times of sunrise and sunset.  It is a beautiful, gentle and loving meditation on being in the present moment, bringing our sense of awareness to our breath and body. 

You will practise kundalini, hatha and yin yoga whilst at the retreat. We start the day with a kundalini sadhana, which includes pranayama and meditation, working the body on a more energetical level. Each day there will then be a second yoga class of hatha or yin yoga. In hatha yoga, the asanas will focus on detoxing the body´s organs, aiding in the fasting process, as well as giving you an opportunity to listen and connect with your body. We will look at different breathing and pranayama techniques. Yin yoga will be a more relaxing and meditative class, holding the asanas for longer periods of time working the body at a deep tissue level, increasing circulation and flexibility. All classes will be for all levels.

Nutrition class:
During the retreat there will be classes with a nutritionist and naturopath. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about nutrition, as much about the process during the fast as well as your normal dietary routine. Get some great tips for making some simple changes into your diet for increased energy and wellness. 

Movement and dance workshops:  
In the body there is an emotional memory that often is blocked. In the retreat we use movement and music to unlock some of these memories to feel lighter, less restrained and more free. We use techniques both in group and solo work to go deeper into this experience, connect with others and parts of ourselves forgotten or hidden. 

Throughout the retreat you will experience different guided meditations from vipassana, sungazing and mindfulness. Techniques of concentration and breathing from ancient cultures are incorporated to create a space between our thoughts; with simple practices we can incorporate these empty spaces of everyday life and to give our rushing minds pause for a moment.

The house is surrounded by beautiful trails and paths leading through woodland, forests and moutains, and each day we will go on a hike. Contact with nature is also part of the nutritional side of self-care; walking and breathing give us a high level of inner nutrition. The sunset requires a climb and each evening we will do this hike and practise sungazing at the top with a stunning view of the valley below.



You will be served three daily detox juices and one organic broth for dinner (two in the winter season). All of the ingredients are 100% organic and local.

There will be highly nutritious and healthy ingredients used during your detox.

You will find the following superfoods in your detox juices and soups: chia, spirulina, goji berries, maca, lucuma, chlorella, wheatgrass, cacao, kale, and matcha.



Portavella is in an old 1000 year old house located in Sant Martí de Vinyoles (Les Llosses, Girona, Ripollès) 14 km from Ripoll.

It is an isolated house, surrounded by oak and beech forests and with a 360 view of the pre-pyreenes mountains in Catalunya.  

The house has large indoor and outdoor spaces in the middle of nature, with terraces, biomass central heating, log fires, natural pool suitable for bathing, beautiful yoga sala and many places to relax and explore.  

This stunning area is home to many natural pools, waterfalls, hikes into forests and woods that could feature in a fairytale. 

The rooms are all shared with en-suite bathroom facilities with views overlooking the countryside and forests. 


Diego Arnold
Founder of Vitarian Attitude (conscious veganism). Director of Go2ld (breathing techniques for companies). Facilitator of Sungazing (pranic meditation) and Professor of Yoga Nidra.

"Liquid fasting allows me to deepen the connection with my body; it is a great opportunity to remember how to listen to the heart. The energy that we would use in heavy digestion is optimized through liquid fasting to balance, heal ,and awaken our potential



Juli Borràs
Founder and Director of Vegetarian Cooking School. In Gestalt therapy training / Barcelona Institut Gestalt . In training program for SAT with Claudio Naranjo.

"The practice of fasting has been a way of learning on my path to nutrition. It is a moment of creation; the fertile void created by the absence of food enables me to observe more clearly my inner monologue, that speaks to me, and which nourishes me from the inside."



Joseaba Koldo Apesteguia
Certified in Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Post-Graduate of Naturopathy. Professor and Coordinator Areas Natural Therapies at the University of Cadiz. Professor of Nutrition and Diet Therapy in Gremi d'Herbolaris de Catalunya. Professor of Nutrition and Health at the Escola de Restauració i Hostalatge Barcelona.  Co- director of Vegetarian Cooking School in Barcelona.



Carolina Harboe
Food technologist
Master's degree in dietetics and nutrition, holistic and emotional Kinesiology
Holistic nutritional therapist




Caro Falcone
Kundalini and Hatha yoga teacher Voice and yoga specialist






Deborah Davies
Hatha yoga teacher, theatre workshop facilitator 


Travelling and facts

The nearest airports are Barcelona and Girona. From Barcelona you can take a train to Ripoll (direct Plaza Cataluyna to Ripoll 1h45) and from there we are organise for you to be collected from the train station. Private taxi from the airport to the retreat (1hr30) can be arranged for 120 EUR. A convenient alternative is renting a car which is quite affordable in Spain. Ask us for driving directions.

Book your own flight (i.e. or ask us, we are here to help you.

Check-in and check-out is around lunch time.

Included in our price
• 2, 5 eller 7 nights accommodation
• Detox juice treatment and one organic broth for dinner (two broths in the winter season)
• Free tea and water
• All activities described above
• Use of pool (not open all year around)
• Yoga, meditation, and dancing sessions

What's not included
• Additional activities or excursions
• Additional meals and drinks
• Airfare
• Personal expenses
• Transfer to and from the retreat location

- The retreat is international and all classes are bilingual Spanish / English alternatively only in English depending on the participants' residence and language.
- WiFi is available but the coverage is poor in some places and in some rooms.
- There is no town / city within walking distance. However, it is usually possible to get a ride if there is something important that you need.
- Check in from 16:00 to 21:00, check-out from 13:00 to 14:00

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